Photo & Video

Here are photos and videos made by KievOPEN.

KievOPEN is traditional open competition in sport orienteering. Every year we are trying to make the competition even more spectacular, interesting, entertaining. To keep these emotions bright in your memory we make detailed photo and video reports.


2018 Video
2018 Photos – second day
2018 Photos – first day
2018 Promo video


2017 Video
2017 Photos – second day
2017 Photos – first day
2017 Promo video


2016 Video
2016 Photos – second day
2016 Photos – first day
2016 Promo video


2015 Video
2015 Photos – second day
2015 Photos – first day
2015 What do they think about KievOPEN participants!?


2014 Video
2014 Photos – second day
2014 Photos – Day One
2014 Backstage promo 2014
2014 Promo video


2013 Video
2013 Photos – second day
2013 Photos – first day

Famous Orienteering Sportsmen

We want to inspire you! So we made a series of interview with famous orienteering sportsmen. We talk about orienteering in Ukraine and worldwide, discuss how to make trainings resultative and  which way to choose to reach success.
Interviews are available in original language only. Sorry for inconvenience.

Famous Orienteering Sportsmen. Nadezhda Volynskaya (Part 2)
Famous Orienteering Sportsmen. Nadezhda Volynskaya (Part 1)
Famous Orienteering Sportsmen. Alexandr Kratov (Part 2)
Famous Orienteering Sportsmen. Alexandr Kratov (Part 1)
Famous Orienteering Sportsmen. Valery Glushchenko
Famous Orienteering Sportsmen. Vasily Tkachenko