Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. This is a big modern city with an ancient history.

The area of the city is 839 km2. Population is about 3 million people.

Kyiv is located on both banks of the Dnipro-river. The city infrastructure is well developed. There are 3 subway lines in Kiev nowadays, as well as the city train and buses. Both a transport and a sightseeing is a cable car – one of the first cable cars in Europe, which so far is not only convenient transport link between the “lower” and  the “upper” parts of the city, but also a favorite pastime for tourists and residents.

To those who want to get acquainted with Kiev, the city will offer a wide range of experiences from ancient churches keeping  safe the wisdom of the ages to rich night life in clubs and bars.

To make your trip even more convenient, please pay attention:

Useful and interesting information about Kiev

The budget accommodation options in Kiev

Competitions KievOPEN, will be planned in a way that the participants could not only take part in a sports event, but also enjoy the beauty of the city that we love.


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